Portable Restroom with Showers


This Bastone Portable Restroom with Shower is the perfect solution for your outdoor camping and activities needs. This stand-alone mobile bathroom unit is easy to move, and provides multiple functions all in one: toilet, sink, and shower. The interior design adds more beauty and pleasure to you when using. The compact design makes it easy to transport and set up. All you need is a 110V power source, a water supply and a septic system to tie in waste from the toilet. Get ready to enjoy the convenience and comfort of this Bastone Portable Restroom with Shower.

If this Bastone Portable Restroom w/ Showers is used on a construction site, we recommend you connecting toilets to the sanitary sewer system, and connecting cold water to the pipe system, hot water to the heating burner.  If not, you may need tanks outside the structure for waste.

Our team will contact you for costs and delivery date. Please have a forklift or equivalent ready for unloading.

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