Double Truss Shipping Container Canopy Shelter 20×40


This Gold Mountain Double Truss Shipping Container Canopy Shelter 20×40 610g PVC is perfect for construction sites and other industrial applications. It is made of heavy-duty PE material and built with galvanized tubes for maximum durability and stability, even in extreme weather conditions. This shelter has a huge storage capacity and is easy to assemble, requiring only a few tools. It is designed to be mounted on containers or other surfaces to provide more height and storage room. It is resistant to teardown, water, and UV and can be used to store grains, materials, construction materials, sands, wood, stone, steel, masonry, automobiles, boats, etc. It is also a great solution for protecting materials and belongings from sun, wind, and precipitation. With its CSA/TUV Snow Rating Report and SGS fabric Certificate, you can be confident in buying this reliable product.

Our team will contact you for costs and delivery date. Please have a forklift or equivalent ready for unloading.

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