Garage Cabinet Workbench


This Steelman 7′ Garage Cabinet Workbench (10 Drawers and 2 Cabinets) is a great choice for those looking for a heavy-duty storage solution. With its industrial-grade roller cabinet, you can store a variety of tools and supplies securely and conveniently. The all-welded steel construction and industrial paint finish make this cabinet resistant to rust and corrosion. The drawers come with locks and anti-slip inners, and the pre-cut drawer liners ensure that your items stay in place. The 3-rail sliding system provides a smooth and secure operation, and the secure detents keep the drawers closed. This storage cabinet is perfect for any garage, storage room, basement, hobby room, laboratory, or office.

Our team will contact you for costs and delivery date. Please have a forklift or equivalent ready for unloading.

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