Skid Steer Plate Compactor


Introducing the skid steers Plate Compactor, the ideal tool for any large or small project. This compactor is designed to compact gravel, sand, top soil, and other materials quickly and easily. With the ability to change from your bucket to the compactor in minutes, you won’t need any special purpose machines like a walk-behind plate compactor or ride on roller. The Plate Compactor is perfect for pad, trench, slope and excavation compaction, as well as compacting waste materials and breaking up frozen coal. Plus, it’s a faster and less expensive technique for driving wood, steel and aluminum sheeting, piling, posts and seawalls. Get the job done quickly and efficiently with the skid steers Plate Compactor.

Our team will contact you for costs and delivery date. Please have a forklift or equivalent ready for unloading.

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